Bridget Anne

Bridget Anne is setting a new standard for how companies can open themselves up to innovative ideas, thereby embodying the image set out in their vision.

As the CEO of Paving Paths Commerce LTD. A company that helps startups expand their client base and build a highly profitable business, and a co-founder of Paving Paths International, Bridget Anne sets the direction and strategy of the company in a way that consistently leads her team towards long term success. She is a true visionary, an optimist who believes that everything is possible when one commits.

Bridget Anne is a trained strategic intervention coach, an accomplished speaker, and business administrator with years of experience in public relations, marketing and finance. She is the consultant of choice for anyone looking to accelerate change within their organization.


Florence Obison

Florence Obison is the COO of Paving Paths Commerce Ltd. And a co-founder of Paving Paths International, a nonprofit that is committed to empowering people to become agents of sustainable change in their communities.

Florence has gained diverse experiences from working in both public and private sectors, with proven credentials in building relationships across multiple levels of stakeholders. Her reliability in developing long-term relationship with clients and partners is unparalleled. When it comes to helping her clients bring their vision to reality, Florence is willing to disrupt existing norms, she is the go to expert for helping business expand and excel.

Her  years of experience in strategic leadership, system thinking, entrepreneurship, transformational coaching and public speaking makes her the perfect fit for anyone who is not willing to settle.


Ali Al Dahir

Ali Al Dahir is the international Relations Manager at Paving Paths Commerce Ltd. He is an Integration specialist and works on social sustainability within development studies incorporating business and trade as integration mediums. In this aspect Ali is active also in the field of bridging science and policy towards active diversity.

Ali Al Dahir hold a BA degree in sociology, master degree in strategic leadership towards sustainability, a master program in European spatial planning and regional development in addition to international trade promotion education.


Steinar Nilsson

Steinar serves as a Director at Paving Paths Commerce Ltd. He has an educational background in economics, leadership, and human resources.

Steinar has served as a Managing Director for two of his own companies for 10 years. He has also been the Project Leader for education in Economics and Project Leadership, as well as a go-to source to help solve different companies’ problems and overcome their challenges in logistics and production flow.

He is a valuable support to those with questions concerning Human Resources and Strategy.